Max range SM

Good day the maxrange Would like to know which maxima that I can install a SM, today has the 15 installed SM km, functioning perfectly. I have a BHs the 24 miles that this hardwired to BHm perfectly -58 dbm 1100 Rssi. This BHs indicates in field AP Eval Date 2 APs of my cluster with -80 dbm. This is very good. Mine miles doubts is is wanting to place a the 15 SM, carried through the tests of 465 signal and indicates -78 dbm Rssi, setup max range of AP of which the SM catches signal in 16 miles. To put the Prizm did not find the element. Mine it doubts exists something for default that it does not allow the use of the 10 SM above of miles?


Sorry, but I’m having a difficult time understanding your question.

I am guessing that you can’t connect SM out at 16 miles from the AP. If that is the case make sure that your Max Range setting on the AP is set 1 mile above your longest shot.

Hope that helps!