Max TX conducted power

hi, what is the max transmit power for medusa pmp 450m. thanks.

PMP 450m is an integrated device due to the beamforming antenna array. Therefore, we only discuss power as EIRP with this device. For most regulatory regions, the EIRP limit is 36 dBm (or 4W).

The product is capable of achieving 42 dBm if regulatory rules allow it.

You might be forgetting the Max EIRP for 450M 3Ghz is 48 dBm since he did not specify the frequency.

You are correct in that I assumed he referred to the 5 GHz version.

In 3 GHz, the max EIRP varies with respect to channel bandwidth as well, as it is regulated by Power Spectral Density as well (i.e. it scales with channel size).

All of the maximum values by region and product type can be found in the User Guide.