Maximum cable length PTP-SYNC and PTP 650 ODU

I have a problem with the sync of a PTP 650
Equipment used PTP 650, PTP-SYNC P / N WB3665HH, LPU P / N A005030.
It supports distances between computers. Between ODU and PTPSync seventy meters. Between PSU and PTP-Sync one meters. Between PSU and Network terminating equipment five meters.  Between PIDU and PTP-Sync one meters.

The maximum cable length with PTP-SYNC and PTP 650 is:

  • No more than 2 m (6.5 ft) between the AC+DC Power Injector (the PIDU) and the PTP-SYNC
  • No more than 100 m (328 ft) between the network equipment and the ODU

Other than this there are no restrictions specifically on the distance from the ODU to the PTP-SYNC, or the distance from the PTP-SYNC to the network equipment.

A 1 m Ethernet cable is supplied with the PTP-SYNC.


Hi Thomas,

When implementing PTP Sync with PTP650, is it required to purchase the C000065K040 (PTP 650 Precise Network Timing Software License (per END)).

Pls. confirm.

Thank you.

Hi Gerry,

No, you don't need that license to use PTP SYNC.

The Precise Network Timing license is only needed for the IEEE 1588 Transparent Clock and Synchronous Ethernet support.


Thanks Tomas, thank you for the confirmation.