Maximum Latency in TDM Mode

What is the maximum acceptable latency between PTP-650 radios when transporting T1s?  Does it absolutely have to be less than 5, 10, 50, 100 or 500 msec?  I know this is an important value to check in order to get a good TDM performance on native IP radios but I cannot find any recommandations!

I assume that you're considering using NIDU's and PTP 650's to transport T1 data. If so, please have a look at this solution paper that provides many more details about the NIDU solution: ptp-nidu-faq

One of the advantages of using the NIDU with the PTP 650 is that the buffer settings are calculated automatically, and there is almost nothing you need to configure. Also, the latency of the T1 service is exactly calculated by LINKPlanner, so you know what latency to expect before you deploy the link. This contrasts with general purpose pseudo-wire products that are often difficult to configure and optimise.