Mdns homekit problems with multiple APs setup


I’ve been struggling with a problem for a few days that I can’t quite explain.

I have a 4 AP setup in the building. All APs go to the same switch.

SSID with bandsteering aggressiv. All good, but only with apple homekit devices problems.

I have several homekit devices including cameras, sockets & alarm system that are connected wirelessly.

After a few hours, the home app shows me that some wifi devices are not responding. Using flame app these are then also not displayed.

According to cnmaestro, however, they are wirelessly connected to the APs. Besides, I noticed in cnmaestro that sometimes the names of the devices are displayed and sometimes not, but only the IP.

If I restart the APs or the devices, everything works again for a few hours.

I have recently disabled the radios on 3 APs so that all devices can only connect to one AP. Then everything works fine. But this can not be the solution.

Am grateful for any solution.

Could you please answer my below queries, which will be helpful in debugging the issue

  1. Wifi devices are not responding means ping from server/AP to wifi devices are not working ?
  2. What is the distance between wifi devices to 4 AP’s and between all 4 AP’s ? Possible can you please share me the floor plan to my email id
  3. Whenever this issue happens can you please share me the techsupport of AP’s to below mentioned email id

Hello Ashok,

I had already send you the requested information by email. Do you have any news for me?