MDU - in the hallway, or in the room?

Have you deployed cnPilot WiFi to a Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU)? - apartment, condo, dormitory, retirement home?

Do you put the WiFi AP in the hallway or in the rooms?

Hallway, depending on the building infrastructure. Usually high up within a cage :slight_smile:

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We tend to avoid installing APs in hallways as we find this can cause interference issues.


As is always the case with a good IT question - "It depends"

If easy access to the equipment is a must, then the corridor should be considered, but only so long as there is adequate signal penetration into the adjacent rooms, that interference is kept to a minimum and signal/power is managed.  Cabling requirements are much easier.

If access isnt a problem, then I would always recomend installing an in-room AP or router depending on the requirements and the service being sold.  However, this costs more and makes break/fix more problematic and initial cabling and installation is more expensive.

Both methods work, but it all comes down to what works best for you as there is always a tradeoff.

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yes,this is a tradeoff thing under details requirement.