Measuring Network Usage

I would like to keep track of the volumn of downloads/uploads from/to my customer’s SMs and I’m not sure how to do it. Can anyone tell me how I might accomplish this?

The SM’s Ethernet Stats page will give you what you need. The InOctetsCount is the bytes the customer has sent and the OutOctetsCount is the bytes received. These are totals since the SM was last booted.

You can also use Motorola’s BAM, or generic SNMP software, to get the values.

Do you have the MIB OID’s for InOctetsCount & OutOctetsCount? I would like to use SNMP to monitor usage, but I could not see the appropriate MIB anywhere.

Thanks Teknix,
I’ve taken a while to reply because I’ve just been getting BAM up and running and I wanted to see what it would display in terms of InOctetsCount and OutOctetsCount.
What I want to do is be able to display the customer’s daily usage on our website . To do this do I need to create a program that will periodically query the subriber modems and store the values somewhere for the website to then use? Or is there already something out there that I could use to do this?