Medusa 30mhz/40mhz support

Hi guys this is my first post, my company is planning a deployment of several Medusa but I'd like to know when we can expect the support for larger channels (30 and 40 mhz).

Thank you in advance Giuseppe

We are planning for this in a release later this year.  Late Q3 or early Q4.

Thanks for your interest in 450m and cnMedusa.  Will you be replacing existing 450 sectors, or deploying new areas?

We are planning to replace sectors based on mikrotik but late Q3 and early Q4 is too much to wait :-(

In my opinion, 20mhz gets the best real-world results. there are few sites where we found 30-40 usable mhz for access.

PMP450i is already an upgrade for mikrotik.

Medusa is way better......


Ya don't forget 30-40mhz beyond just needing that much spectrum clean you also have to account for the drop in link budget as you move up in channel size, i mean you save in overhead, but in reality 30-40-80mhz is only really great if you can find crystal clean spectrum

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Hello Giuseppe,

may I ask you what kind of throughput are you actually getting on a MIkrotik AP? what is your average number of user per sector? how much spectrum you use to build a 4 secotr tower for a 360 degree coverage?

We have nMedusa sectors  with over 230/250 Mbps real throughput in a 20 Mhz channel, and we build a 360 degree tower with as little as 40 MHz without guard band....we have a long list of happy customers who migrated from Mikrotik to PMP450/450i/medusa ,  what do you think about having a one to one dicussion with a CAmbium rep?

I suggest you get in touch with the local team in Italy, below contact details: Regional Technical Manager Regional Sales Manager

Hi Giuseppe,
feel free to contact me directly for information about medusa adopting .
We have many cases with re - engineering of entire tower and frequency plan that give more capacity and better spectrum utilization comparing to use higher bandwidth without syncronization.



We are starting to use medusa as backhaul to serve a large number of microcells (50 mb/s peak requirement per site). Generally we link 2 microcells on 30° mikrotik sector we are trying to merge all the microcells backhaulings to one medusa.  In the worst case we have 3 microcells in the same beamforming stream so we need 40 MHz channel

With mikrotik we are using 10° to 30° antenna for the AP with +45 users bandwith 50 mb/s peak at 20 MHz we install a new client if we can have a signal below -55 but generally we stay around -45

We have now deployed our first 450M AP.  70 customers on the AP, 80% frame utilization during the test and we still see 25Mbps speed tests.  How quickly we forget what life was like before Medusa.  Being able to deliver sub 10Mbps plans at scale was the first game changer.  The next will be larger channels so we can sell the larger packages our customers are demanding.  I'm really impressed so far.  Not trying to sound like it's never enough - but it's not ;)  It's internet bandwidth...  Definitely looking forward to what's next.


We are planning wider channel support for 450m later this year... we're probably about 6 months away.

Great to hear it's going well so far!

Is there a beta release coming with 30MHz support?

Wider channel support for 450m is not coming until later in the year.  We are targeting a Q4 release.

How are you getting that much throughput. We could only get about 60 meg down and 40 meg up with no one on the sector but us testing. We get about 60 customers on it and it is slow. we must be missing something in the config.

Q3 is close to end any news about 30/40 mhz supporto for 450m?

Thank You Giuseppe

We would like to add 30MHz support on 450m as well. 

@FVI wrote:

We would like to add 30MHz support on 450m as well. 

30/40MHz channel widths are coming for the 450m... a little bird told me that a beta should be available AFTER 15.2 is released. It's going to be a few more months.

It's still in development, but we're working on it.  As Eric says, it's planned for a release after 15.2, but we're hoping to keep it in this calendar year.  Look for a beta software supporting this toward the end of November...

Hi, when 30/40 mhz channel support will be available?

@Mariocrespo wrote:
Hi, when 30/40 mhz channel support will be available?

30/40MHz channel support for 450m will come with 15.2. I've been told that the 15.2 beta window will start around mid-November.

Actually, this feature (right now) is independent of 15.2.

There are a lot of scheduler and MAC updates in 15.2, so to minimize added potential issues, we have separated the 40 MHz channel support in 450m.  This may occur in a follow on release (such as 15.2.1).  We are still working to get this feature out as soon as possible.

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