Medusa AP crashes

I've got a Medusa AP (f/w 15.1.3, 20 MHz wide channel) which seems to keep crashing - I get a lot of these same type of errors in the event log:

02/23/2018 : 21:12:05 CST : :Invalid NiBuf:0x75884000 Hdr:529f on Q:0x10ab2f88 Src:98 SrcIF:3 Dst:60842 Alc:1139 Len:70 Cop:225

02/26/2018 : 20:59:20 CST : :NiFreeBuf(): Invalid NiBuf:751d3000 Hdr:535c on Src:37660 SrcIF:134 Dst:45464 Alc:6212 Len:15765 Cop:228

03/03/2018 : 14:37:00 CST : :NiFreeBuf(): Invalid NiBuf:749b9000 Hdr:9d8c on Src:3300 SrcIF:109 Dst:49260 Alc:27941 Len:56029 Cop:99

03/05/2018 : 08:42:32 CST : :NiFreeBuf(): Invalid NiBuf:76ade800 Hdr:dca4 on Src:6191 SrcIF:34 Dst:10654 Alc:12235 Len:1963 Cop:29

03/06/2018 : 09:06:15 CST : :Invalid NiBuf:0x74eb8000 Hdr:577c on Q:0x10ab2f88 Src:123 SrcIF:2 Dst:59455 Alc:7967 Len:110 Cop:31

Is there some setting I can adjust to reduce the likelihood of this crashing?

(Update: I posted this, and then saw I'm not the only one...)

Hi, yes, better to continue here

OK, I already did forward the field_digs to Andrew Rimmer.