Medusa Spectrum Scan bug?

I was running some spectrum scans this morning and I found one of my Medusas like this. Looking at the sessions and signal strengths I know I don't actually have any interference like that, so I was wondering if this is a known bug.

PMP 450 M 15.0.3 Firmware.

Does this happen every time the scan is run?  Can you share a scan of other equipment in the area (i.e. showing less or no interference)?

I am pointing this toward engineering, but we haven't seen this on any other 450m yet... 

So I heard back, and engineering has seen this.

They don't see it on every scan, but it seems  the longer the scan runs, the more likely it is to  show this issue.  It appears this scan was run for more than an hour.

If you reboot, try scanning again for a shorter period of time, and see if the issue recurs.

The issue has been identified and will be fixed in an upcoming release.  Thanks for pointing this out. 

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