Meets Reg Criteria = No (Restricted Frequency)

So, I've elevated a NanoBeam M5 from native firmware to 4.3.2, and it seems like it's working correctly... but depending what channel the ePMP3000 AP is on (also running 4.3.2) the elevated SM doesn't always link.  In the MONITOR -> WIRELESS of the NanoBeam, I get the following reason

Meets Reg Criteria  =  No (Restricted Frequency)

In the elevated NanoBeam's "scan list" I've selected 40Mhz and 'select all' and the channels set on the AP are displayed in the scan list on the SM.  Some channel settings on the AP do work, but some give the 'No (Restricted Frequency)' reason - even though they seem to match up as being available.

Elevate ubnt radios don’t have specific dfs frequencies. Shouldn’t be a software problem. Was it working on 3x?

Thanks for the reply. This was just elevated -it was UBNT firmware and just sitting on the shelf, and I elevated it right to 4.3.2 yesterday.

It does work on some frequencies… if I set the AP to 5750 for example, it links. But some other freqs, which both the AP and the NanoBridge show as available, some of those don’t link.

We ran into a few of these after upgrading to 4.3.2 as well. Seems like a bug, but we are just replacing those elevated units anyways. They're old and due for a replacement. I would submit a bug report if it's critical to you and you have too many of them out there. 


Please check if the frequency you see the message at is available for UBNT radio.

Some UBNT radios have limited frequencies set and after elevation the radios keep original frequencies set.

Thank you.