Memory Leak on 3.5

Has anyone experience a memory leak on a computer when in a 3.5 radio for an extended period? (this is on chrome)

More and more often we have been having issues with i seeming like the computer is locking up, only to find a 3.5 tab open holding 3gb+ of ram.

Though it could be chrome, it has only been experienced on 3.5 radios, not happening on older or other pages

Yes, it seems to happen specifically when you open a radio via hostname (for us anyways) and leave the monitor tabs open. Doesn’t do it when open via IP for us or watching other screens. I reported it a little bit ago and they’re workn on it.


That sounds pretty similar, though we are seeing it to the IP. But now that you mention it, they are always in the monitor section, be it "wireless" or "throughput"

Chris is right. We're aware of this. It was a much larger leak in 3.5. In 3.5.1, there is still a leak but much smaller. We're working on fixing this for the next release. 



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The leak seams to be the old trend data. I copyed the memory issue out and looked at it directly and it appears to be the data acquired from the monitor page. There is no set limit nor any old data flush directive sent that I could see/catch.
This issue persists over every browser we have tried in both windows and linux.