Mesh configuration


I can deploy the wifi in the hospital.

I create a config in cnmaestro, 2 AP Groups Mesh Base and Mesh Client.

And i create 2 vlan this egal SSID and N°vlan, but 1 is Base and other is Client.

I deploid this config, but i don't connect a client smartphone in AP mesh client.

I think that the signal is slow RSSI -71 and SNR 24.

I need help Thank

Is your Mesh Client AP connecting to your Mesh Base AP?

For the mesh link you need to have 2 WLANs, one for your mesh base and one for your mesh client, both must have the same SSID and passphrase. Also the frequency used for your mesh link (usually 5GHz) must be using the same channel (this can be set in the AP groups) on both APs.

For client (smartphone) access you must have a separate SSID, the client won't receive data if it's connected to the mesh SSID. Personally I like to set client access to 2.4GHz only but this SSID can operate on both bands if required.

With a SNR of 24 your mesh link should be working.


Please email tech-support of both Mesh base and client devices to

Thank You.


If i understand.

I create :

Vlan "1" name "mesh base" ssid "mesh" mesh vlan tagging

vlan "1" name "mesh client" ssid "mesh" mesh vlan tagging

and vlan "2" name "Corp wifi" ssid "corp_wifi".

In this configuration i can use 1 or 2 range ip in the dhcp server.


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