Mesh Distance of DN

I have simulated the link performance by using LinkPlanner for connection between V5000 and V5000. With the distance of approx. 400m between these two DNs, the aggregate throughput is 1.8Gbps.
Since the V5000 has aggregate 3.8Gbps per sector, the throughput dropped to nearly half of the link throughput at a link distance of 400m. Does it mean that the mesh distance cannot be too far away ?
What is Cambium’s recommended max. distance between two DNs for meshing ?

MCS9 provide 1.1 Gbps DL and 1.1 Gpbs UL. We suggest the link availability running with MCS9 at least meet your link availability requirement. And it will determine the maximum distance between DNs.

My math says 250m is the far end of V5k-V5k links, ideally less.

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