Mesh Network

Can someone direct me to where I can find some more information on this topic. Need to find out what mechanism is used to route packets to the SM’s and how does it select the next best path when one link goes down???

do a google search for “Mesh Network Design” or "Mesh Network White Paper"

In a nutshell the concept is simply forwarding to the "root"

One AP asks the next, “do you have access to the root?” The software determines the shortest path as the first, then if that path breaks, it looks for another. It is probably even more sophisticated than that where a map of the network exists in each AP and the paths are in order of best to worst.

Obviously if you have an AP that can only see one other AP, there is no other possible path, hence the design needs to be a true “Mesh” where every AP can see at least two other AP’s.

You need routers at every tower sight running BGP and OSFP. A well made OpenBSD computer will do the trick. Just have to configure it properly, specially when it comes to the BGP and OSPF, if you set that up wrong it could cause network flapping and blacklist your entire network from the internet. And that’s bad :slight_smile:

Some very good info on Wireless Mesh and it’s maturity (or lack of). … smesh.html