Mesh Options : Mesh monitor duration


Can anyone shed any light on the what the "Mesh monitor duration" actually does, and what the duration (5m-60ms) means?  Then theres the "Mesh recovery interval" which suggests 5m-30m.

I keep having mesh APS drop off the system for 30minutes at a time and im wondering if any of these mystical settings could assist in speeding up mesh reconnection.



Below is brief explanation of configurable parameters available on mesh client WLAN profile:

  • Mesh Monitor Duration configures the interval at which the ping is sent for the configured host.
  • Mesh Recovery Interval configures the interval for the consecutive ping loss seen after which the mesh link is considered to be down and a reconnect is attempted.

For example: One can configure the duration and interval both to be the same at which case the first ping loss itself will result in triggering the reconnect.

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