Meter Readers and interference

Has anyone run into these causing interference?

We’re seeing interference at some customers and these are the only thing we can think of to cause problems.

They appear to be using between 910-920Mhz and up to 20dB output.

We have had no luck contacting Consumer’s Energy however, by law they have to at least acknowledge that they use these correct?

Yes we have to deal with them, if your using vertical hardware, change to horizontal (integrated APs and SMs are horizontal) those devices use vertical beams. The meters here use 917.65 for RF center. so we are using 906 914 and 924 for our centers. The canopy hardware is a little off center if you look at them in spec analyzer, usually its 5mhz below and 3 to 4 above center spec so you can find a happy medium. Remember to keep at least 4mhz in 900 mhz separation says Motorola (I’d keep them spread as much as possible). Those meters are relatively narrow beam width 3MHZ maybe 4 so its easy to work around if you plan right.

And since 902 to 928 is not license they don’t have to tell anyone anything as long as they don’t exceed FCC regulations :frowning:


The Southern Company is rolling out a verly large AMR (Automated Meter Reading) system in the Southeast.
It is a licensed 900 Mhz product. 4.4 million transmitters. In Alabama alone they have put in over 100 tower sites.

They use the Itron meters.

900Mhz WISP operations in the vicinity of automated meters are doomed.

Pray for 700MHz whitespace or go to licensed freqs

I agree, however the only 365 Ive seen on the market that could even touch the foliage penetration of 900Mhz weight in at about $27,000 per Tower and $300+ per CPE..

The local power company has now knocked 4 of our Cambium 900 towers completely off line and are putting up a nice front, but haven't done anything to mitigate the issue.

My next move it to bring out the old Airspan WIPll 900 and hope I can get a few customers back... If not, I'll see you fellow 900 operators in line at the local food kitchen... It was fun while it lasted..

We are starting to see issues in some of our communities.  The power company claims they've been running for months, and we have been causing them issues, yet somehow all just this week, we have any customer within range of our towers in the towns with smart meters, that have a worse signal than -50, are sessioning.  We shut all our sites down in the evening and did a spectrum analysis, the noise floor is -49 across the ENTIRE spectrum, and it's constant.  The meters are Gridstream RF smart meters, and I'm under the impression these meters are supposed to be frequency hoppers, that only broadcast every hour or so.  Either the power company isn't on the up and up, or they are not working as advertised.  Either way, we have been scrambling to find solutions for our 900Mhz. customers.

we are testing a 4x4 white space product now.... we are putting up the first set of basestations tommorow. hopefully i'll have something good to share with all of you in a few days.

Interesting a 4x4 whitespace product? I've been keeping up on it from time to time and I haven't seen anyone announce a product even close to that. Can you share the manufacturer and any further details in this thread or possibly off list?