Meter total internet traffic

Hi Everyone,
I need to meter total internet traffic for all the SM’s on our network.
I guess using a Cisco Router at the main Internet feed would do the job and then running some kind of software to pull the info into some kind of usable graphs posted on a web site.
I would need to be able to let people know when they are getting close to their limits and also have good records if we are going to charge people for using excessive internet traffic.
Anyone have any information on how to do this or any other alternatives ?

Any help is appreciated.

You can get this information from AP.
AP MIB provides you with whispLinkTable (
) that contains traffic counters for each SM connected to it.
You can set up SNMP polling to retrieve this data with any SNMP management software that supports SNMPv2.
We do have such solution developed for some of our customers.

Let us know if you need more details.
FYI: We are listed as Canopy network management vendor by Motorola.