MIB OIDs question

How come it seems that whenever I copy an OID from:
http://motorola.wirelessbroadbandsuppor … index.html

That it doesn’t work unless I add a “.0” to the end of it?

Each OID listed is basically an array or list of various values. .0 is the first value in the list. .1 would be second and so on. For many of the OIDs there is only one possible return value, such as jitter. However, some OIDs have many possible return values. For examples if you look for the OID for the received power level of registered sms, there will be one value for each SM (actually 255, but most will have a value of nothing). In that case {smPowerLevel}.0 would give the received power level of SM 1, .1 of SM 2, etc. Since many lists will only have one item, you will want to append .0.

Aaahhh ok. So I can use that to get the receive power level for backhauls as well?

Also if I use a .2 or .3 at the end, how do I know which SM that is for?

Your signals on the SM side will differ from that of the AP side, so you could just poll the SM for that information instead of trying to pull it from the AP.

We poll the SM for power (not rssi), jitter, and traffic.
We poll the AP for connected the # of connected SM, traffic, errors, PPS and GPS link status

AP - Registered SM Count: .
SM - jitter: .
Sm power (dbm): .
SM RSSI (if you want it): .

For the interface stats we just use Cacti’s built in general interface statistics for each device