Micro POP Latency Issues


We currently are experancing high latency to one of our MicroPOP Sites.

We currently have a 3G 450 connected back to a 3G 450m (This has been a 5G 450b connected to a 5G 450m) As a Back Haul Slave AP and SM is at 16.0.1. This connects back to a Mikrotik hEx POE (v6.44.5) for power. Also this connection a ePMP 1000 with an omni antenna on it.

It seems like only when the ePMP is connected with customer's we are getting latency Starting at the Back Haul Slave. Removed the epmp it is phone. We have over called this site, cables and equipment. Plugged poe adapters instead of the Mikrotik. Also upgraded from 3.5.6 to 4.4.1 The issues seems to say at this site only. 

We are running data via pppoe with the pppoe sm or bridged to the router. No other site has this problems

Any suggestions?

How much traffic are pushing through the SM when you see latency? I assume you're using one of the original 450 SM's... and not a 450i SM? What happens when you plug a laptop directly into the 450 SM and do some latency/bandwidth tests? Please update your AP and SM's to 16.1 if you haven't done so already.

So  450m AP -> 450cpe -> tik hex -> ePMP1k AP ?

You see latency to the 450cpe from where ? E.G. are you plugging into the tik and ping/tracert or are you doing this from a CPE on the ePMP1k AP or what ? 

When you disconnect/drop all the connections off the ePMP1k this latency from (wherever you are testing / seeing it from) goes away ? 

Without more info I would guess log into the tik and see if you are getting a lot of traffic/packets or errors/drops/pauses on one/two of the interfaces.  As a very uninformed guess at this point I would think it's either a loop of some kind,  broadcast storm, duplicate IP on customer radio, bridged radio not blocking dhcp and customer router plugged in backwards , customer infected with something flooding link with brazillion tiny packets.

Otherwise, bad switch / ethernet port. I've seen mikrotiks crap themselves when the ethernet port on a radio moving just 150Mbps dropped to 100Mb instead of 1000Mb , latency on that entire site and a connected site turned to crap. I think some of the tiks don't do well when an interface has a lot of pause frames or really any problem.

Thanks for the response!

450cpe is good until the epmpAP1k is connected with epmpSMs. then its about 100-600ms or timesout.

when the connection to the epmpAP1k is disconnected from tik and is still powered, it stops.

We thought it was a loop at first but its only happening on this one site. We have a lot of other sites on this network. An there is not filters on the 450cpe to block anything. We have dealt with loops before but this is different.

***We are currently going to each customer and change/check there equipment. Didn’t know if there was a different way to see things like this customer side.

We did did over haul the site. New everything. CPE, AP, switch, wire, connectors. all of the sides are 100m/f the tik can only do 100m Most times do about 20-30Mb/s agg.

I have tried 5G 450 & 450b high gain & 3G 450. Both APs are 450m
Site is only currently doing 20mb or so

I am waiting before updating to 16.1 What would 16.1 do better for this situation?