MicroPOP MP3000


We have one EPMP 3000 MP working but we have some issue with it on CnMaestro, i show that there is no children associated on it, but it show that there is REGISTERED SMs on it.

All the SM are connected to CnMaestro aswell.

We tried to remove it from CnMaestro and add it again but it does not work, anyone know if there is something that i need to change in order to make it works?

Hi Paul,

There is a known issue on cnMaestro side due to which SMs are not shown under the MP 3000 device. We are working on fixing it in the upcoming release and will keep you posted once the fix is available.


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Any updates on this issue yet?

Hi ,

The issue is fixed as part of our cnMaestro 2.4.2 cloud and NOC releases and now the SMs should show under the ePMP MP 3000 AP. Please reboot the SMs once so that the parent MAC address discovery happens again and the SM will be shown under the AP.

Note :- Currently the fix works for non Zero touch scenario where SMs are onboarded by using cambium id or serial number to cnMaestro only and for the Zero touch onboarding scenario where SMs onboard using APs parent token the fix has yet to be provided.