Microsoft devices with AX 201 wifi chip

Has anyone seen issues with latest Microsoft devices using AX 201 chips ?

We have had a few students where the wifi card becomes unresponsive.

Requires a reboot or disable / enable wifi card to get back.

I don't necessary think this is an issue with Cambum APs, just curious to see if it's a common issue.





it is recommended to use new client driver if avaiable. do we see only with this MS clients or other vendor clients also facing the issue. what is the ap model we are using, will it be possible to share the ap-techdump. 

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Unfortunately Microsoft's AX201 drivers are still Dec2019. Microsoft do not recommend installing the mainline Intel drivers. (think Feb2020 is latest)

It seems to be a widespread issue. 

I don't currently have one of the devices to do a dump. We have a few students that have them for BYOD.

I was just wondering if other sites or Cambium support had seen issues with these too.