Migrate from Cloud to On-premise without direct access to radios


We have a couple E400 deployments we installed connected to maestro clound instances. With the release of MSP, we would like to migrate the radios we have on boarded in the cloud to our on-premise MSP instance. The problem is these are special cases were we don't have access directly to the APs with out truck rolls and would like to migrate them through maestro if possible. Is there a way to push a user-defined override or force the radios to sync to our new server without logging into each radio locally and updating the Maestro url in the radio's firmware?



Login to cnMaestro cloud GUI and navigate to the AP Group >> User-Defined Overrides

Enter the command under  Variables and Macros field and save it, this command is pushed to all the APs in that group.

Syntex: management cambium-remote url <cnMaestro On-Premise IP>

Example : management cambium-remote url

Note: Try following this on AP group which contains only one AP for confirmation.

For any further queries please feel free to contact me @ pvsr.gupta@cambiumnetworks.com

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Did you try this? Did it work? I would like to do the same thing.