Migrating to cnMaestro on-premise

We are going to migrate to the on-premise cnMaestro, but would love to be to export our current "Organize" info (Networks, Towers, Sites).. is there a way to do that going from the Cloud version to the on-premise version?  



Hi Andy,

To move your database from cnMaestro Cloud to cnMaestro On-Premises, please contact Cambium's Customer Support.  Within approximately 48 hours, you will be sent a link where you can download your cnMaestro cloud database into your On-Premises setup.

Afterwards, you will need to configure the cnMaestro URL on your devices to point to your local cnMaestro On-Premises rather than the default, https://cloud.cambiumnetworks.com

Hi Andy

Please raise a ticket with our support team and we will help you out.


Hi everybody, there some update about this way to migrate to cnmaestro on premise (from cloud version) or is unchanged since 2016?

Can we move our database from cnMaestro On-Premises to cnMaestro Cloud ?
Also i will like to know the available resources for cnMaestro Cloud, Memory Usage and number of devices that can be onboarded to it.