Migrating to the Cloud from OnPrem during Part 96 operations

Currently, I have cnmaestro onprem for managing my devices and using the domain proxy feature to enable CBRS operation. I’ve been having issues in part 96 where the proxy connection fails and suspends my transmit. To eliminate this as a single point of failure I’ve been migrating these APs/SM to our cnMaestro cloud instance.

Moving a part 96 enabled device doesn’t pick up the existing grant and suspends transmit because it can’t communicate with the SAS. Will I need to deregister from the onprem deployment and re-register import the sector through the cloud instance to restore part 96 operations, or is there a more painless way to migrate from onprem to cloud?

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Great Question, wonder why an expert has not answered?

When the proxy connection fails, how many devices are impacted?

Looking forward to that. -John

Hi RandaIIF,

Sorry for the delay response.
What was the error you observed when you deployed devices in onprem? and which type of CBRS HTTP Proxy you selected? If you want to continue in the onprem, can you try “External proxy” once which is more recommended.

Existing grant when moved from onprem to Cloud will not consider the same thing as the request to SAS is different. You can deregister the devices from onprem and import the sector in Cloud and start the sector + Sync.

To migrate from onprem to cloud if the devices are already in CBRS operation, You can just import the sector in Cloud and bring devices online.(to see CBRS live status of devices in tool)