Migration from Mikrotik to Cambium

Hi guys,

we're a WISP provider in Italy and we're about to migrate from Mikrotik to Cambium Network.

We've setted up our first ptp with 2 epm2000.

We've a strange issue, because from both sides we cannot reach the other antenna.(we've tried with eptp mode and tdd mode)

We've configured the same subnet on both sides, and gw too.

Can you give me some tips? We know that reset is always an option but if is it possibile we'd like to recover the situation.

Thank you!

I have forwarded this to our support team. You should hear from them on this thread soon.


You need to use 3.2.1 epmp2000 didn’t like being a CPE until that version

To access the GUI, you’ll have to chance your management access to both wireless and Ethernet on the “AP” side if you’re trying to access the AP from the CPE side too. (That setting is found in the AP only under system I believe



thanks for your help.

Actually we've installed on both device the fw 3.2

I'm trying from the subscriber to reach the ap: i can ping the ip address of the ap but i cannot access to web console or ssh.

Maybe It would be helpful to post some screen of the config, what do you think?


Make sure that on your AP with "Configuration" -> "Network" -> "Advanced" you have "Management Access" set to "Ethernet And Wireless"

I highlighted it in yellow here:



Thanks "Nathan A" You were right :-)