MikroTik, The Dude

Looking for someone who can spend about 15 minutes on the phone getting me pointed in the right direction.


i can try and help you as much as possible. i did setup our dude server here to monitor our canopy and mikrotik equipment

unless you already found someone to help you

Anyone able to assist still with The Dude?

what kind of problem are you having? i should be able to assist you.

Well I just started looking into it, I’m going through the online manual right now but I will definitely come up with some questions shortly!

back when we first started using the dude (ver.2.2 i believe) the online manual wasn;t of much help. haven;t checked it out lately ,but if you have any questions about it let me know.

Well I’m partly through the manual right now but I guess my main question to start would be what settings did you need to put it to accept your Canopy network already?

I want to obviously accept my APs, BHS, & CMMS (SMs eventually) and want to be able to see uptime and graphs.

I read somewhere the the Canopy MIBs are built into the software?

yes the Canopy MIBS are already built in, basically just add the canopy device and setup a snmp profle that is equal to the community string you have set on the canopy equipment. then add services to device such as ping and it will automatically start with graphing ping times and uptime of that service. if you want the actual uptime the module itself you can find the oid that is related and change the appearance of the device icon to show uptimes.

I guess I’m confused at how I use the OID of the module?

what are you trying to setup with the oid?

Mainly monitor signal strength to begin with, then also maybe session counts.