MIMO A for ePMP 1000

A lot of customers prefer unlicense frequency than license frequency for SCADA system. It's very useful to use MIMO A for ePMP 1000 in order to increase reliability. Because in SCADA system, the reliablility is more important than throughput. And MIMO A is signle data transmit on 2 antenas is a good ideal for the system.

ePMP 1000 supports MIMO-A. It uses single stream MCS (MCS1 - MCS7) and transmits them on both chains. The rate adapt algorithm automatically switches between MIMO-A and MIMO-B (MCS9 - MCS15) seamlessly in response to the RF environment. 

The customer require the link is stable. So if they want fix modulation with high margin. is it possible?How about descreate channel width? is it good for that?