Minimun opetaring voltage AP ePMP1000

Hello, I have a question with ePMP1000 power supply.

What is the minimum operating voltage of the EPMP 1000?
I have connected the ePMP 1000 a one CMM4 feeding with solar pannel.
Minimum battery tension 23.5V.

I've tested a integrated CPE in the bench.

They will work from 6v to arround 34v measured at the radio main-poe port.

Between 34-36v there is a TVS diode that will short/burn and make your life very unhappy, so i would keep it bellow 33v to be safe.

The comfortable operation zone for these radios lines up perfectly with 24v lead-acid banks, they will operate happily from (11*2)=22v up to (14.5*2)=29v if flooded, or (15.5)=31 if sealed batteries are used.