Mining Industry Opportunities

Mining operations can enable IIoT initiatives with a rapidly deployable wireless communications infrastructure. This will reduce the outage duration and increase network availability, thereby improving field efficiency and safety while reducing operation costs.

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Operations need reliable connectivity that performs in remote areas and harsh environments. Down time is waste. Communications need to support productivity and safety throughout the operation. With rapidly deployable, high-speed communications, mining operations can be coordinated from the mine site, supply depots, operation centers, and transportation hubs. Wireless technology from Cambium Networks integrates video, voice, email, and data traffic alongside SCADA data from sensors, and control points – on a single all-IP network featuring centralized end-to-end administration.

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MINING COMPANIES LEVERAGE WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AND TO ENSURE EMPLOYEE SAFETY. The worksite consists of autonomous trucks, drilling machinery, and trains – and efficient operations are viewed as one complete “Pit to Port” operation.

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Mining operations occur over broad geographic areas, so efficient data communications provide the coordination across activity centers that distinguish consistently profitable and growing businesses. Companies with reliable and cost effective communications that synchronize field operations, central management, security, and transportation have the sustainable advantage of agility – consistent ability to adjust to changing demand and circumstances. Data network operators supporting Mining operations must meet demands for increasing bandwidth and secure, reliable communications in harsh environments with wireless networks to achieve their operational objectives.

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The oil and gas industry demands the highest level of engineering, productivity and safety. Every aspect of exploration, extraction and refinement must be carefully orchestrated to operate continuously and maximize profits. Achieving this high level of operational excellence is not possible without advanced data, voice and video communications as well as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) process control and monitoring.

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Licensed Microwave is a key component of connecting mining operations.

Supporting licensed frequency bands ranging from 6 to 38 GHz, the PTP 820 series delivers a wide range of configurations to offer a tailored solution for any deployment scenario. Composed of high-density multi-technology nodes and integrated radio units, the PTP 820 series offers flexibility in choosing all-indoor, split-mount, and all-outdoor configuration options. Exploiting unique Line of Sight (LOS) Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology, modulation up to 2048 QAM and wider channel bandwidths ensures industry-leading throughput and spectral efficiency.

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