MIR Bandwidh settings for PMP 450 for "data streaming"?


We have PMP 450 with throughput: 20 Mbps connected for 3 CCTV cameras but there is a delay on the cameras, just need to ensure (MIR Bandwidh setting) is correct or not. here is my below setting.

Your help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

As long as the streams are less than 10Mbps AND the traffic is unicast then this looks fine.

(Without the proper configuration if it is multicast traffic then the CCTV traffic can be deprioritzed and potentially dropped.)

Here are a few other ideas of things to check.

-Does your current Downlink % on Configuration > Radio support enough throughput in both Downlink and Uplink?

-Is Large VC Data Q enabled?

-Can you confirm that this is Unicast traffic and not Multicast traffic?

-What is the network topology? (If all cameras are below the SMs then you would apply the same config to each SM. If all of the cameras are sending the feed to a device behind another SM then it will require a different profile.)

I hope that helps.




Multicast traffic is only at risk of being deprioritized in the downlink direction. And that is only IF the equipment is not configured properly.