Mir/speed package data

Is it possible to include the MIR/Speed package data in reports section of Maestro. Being able to pull a report that includes SM speed package information in Kbps as well as Mbps would be ideal.


Is this the correct channel for a feature request???

In theory, yes it is, but because the Your Ideas category is not organised by product, the product teams don’t always see the suggestions at the moment. @Jordan might be interested in this one.

I do plan to recreate Your Ideas inside each of the product forums, where they will be more visible.

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I apologize, we are trying to obtain this data on the 3 GHz PMP450 product line…

Thanks Simon.

To clarify, this is a request for cnMaestro reports to include MIR/Speed package data in reports for 3 GHz PMP450 devices?

Yes sir, If possible in the reports section of Maestro can you incorporate MIR/Speed package data for the 3GHz PMP450 subscriber modules.