Misleading Speed reports


We are new to Camblium equipment. We installed some 450i AP’s and we have a client connected to the AP via a 450B SM. From cnMaestro when we do a link test, we are seeing speeds that are changing… from 28Mbps dowload to 98Mbp dowload…this is a big swing… generally when we do the first test it seems to be lower. Then when we test again it is higher.

When I plug a laptop of ours directly into the POE module, we never get above 32Mbps and usually, it is lower than that when we test from speedtest.net and fast.com.

A couple of other things:

  1. This is the first client connected to the 450I
  2. The client has perfect clear line of sight and is at 307 feet from the AP.
  3. I did notice that from cnMaestro it showed the following:
    – numerous session drops
    – Modulation seems to be all over the place from 8X Mimo-B to 1X Mimo-A

Not really sure what I have missed or where I should start digging or if I have missed a setting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like interference if your modulation is swinging that wildly. Have you done an SA in your area? At only 307ft though you should be able to overcome most interference.

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even though it is very close, did you do a full alignment. quite often on a near shot with LOS techs will eyeball things. if its misaligned either through lack of alignment or in an attempt to get the AP Rx down, the direction it is pointing could have an interferer present. Are you seeing the AP issuing ATPC commands often? there could be a multipath issue present in the physical path as well.

sounds like localized interference. check the house for devices in the same range