Missing frequencies in 5.470-5.725GHz band


I'm finalising plans for a network deployment of 10 sites, most with multiple ePMP AP sectors, in the UK.

I was surprised to find in the configuration UI (I'm using software 2.3.4) that frequencies between 5585-5665MHz (inclusive) at 40MHz BW and 5595-5655MHz (inclusive) at 20MHz BW are unavailable on ePMP APs.  This is a major problem, as it effectively wipes out 80MHz of spectrum that I need for capacity.

The same frequencies *are* available in the SM configuration UI.

I'm not aware of any regulatory reason why these frequencies can't be used in the UK.  Certainly, competitor equipment that is also designed to UK requirements is also able to use these frequencies.

Is this a bug?

If not please could someone explain why these frequencies can't be used?



Hello Antony,

The exclusion of these frequencies is not a sw defect but a design decision. Frequencies in the 5600 MHz - 5660 MHz band are used for weather radar and require more rigorous radar detection that ePMP currently does not support.