Missing map function

Moved from a cloud to on prem solution, everything seems to be working great, except I don't have a map anymore. Any ideas how to fix this?


Hi Ryan Ray -- are you using the latest cnMaestro On-Premises (and if not, what version are you using)? If you are using the latest, does your browser have access to external web sites (so it can download the tiles)?

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Latest version

OVA Version: 1.6.1-r10

Package Version: 1.6.2-r11

Yes my browser can access external websites. 

I did try a different browser though and you're right, it has something to do with either ublock origin or privacy badger extensions. Disabled those and map works again.

Sorry about that, my fault. 

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I believe with both of those extensions that targeted exceptions can be made.  If you create exception rules and share them here, I'm sure other users here would find them useful.  That is if they don't let you automatically disable for your NOC's URL.