Missing Maps on Cloud Version

I noticed that there doesn't seem to be a way to switch the maps from road to satellite view. I was sure that it used to have this option, but can't access anything other than a limited road map anymore. In some of our areas there are no rads that show up and it makes placement very difficult.

We have moved from Google maps to Openstreet and the satellite view is not supported.

We are evaluating some other maps with satellite view as an option in the future release.

Without satellite view I might as well not have a map. This is ridiculous. It doesn't matter how far I zoom in or zoom out I get no detail as to where this site is. Below pics are same location zoomed in and out.

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Is there any update on Satellite view for maps? Been 6 months since I was told you were evaluating another map source.

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it is important to have the satellite view, it is really a very useful tool as a reference when making an implementation or giving maintenance

Ring-a -ding-ding. Anyone home???

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Hi tallmand -- we are still evaluating. The original implementation was not viable, and we are still looking for a better solution. The 2.1.0 and 2.2.0 releases have been consuming a significant amount of bandwidth, and when those are complete, I expect to return to this review.

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Is there an update on this. Is there going to be any maps available in Maestro or not???

Hi @tallmand,

Currently it is available.

FYI, Satellite and Terrain view are exclusively X features.


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