mistake with root account

Hi everybody in the forum, someone can helpme or giveme a solution, I made a mistake with the user root of the WM, us a mistake I erase de account of root thinking that would be possible to recovery or create it aagain, and now i have dthe problem that y lost that user and for some task the aplication say me that this users is runnig and them I have to acces with that user.

Some one could help me to recover that user, i need it please.


Just want to know -

  1. From where you have deleted root user?  (Because WM doesn't allow to delete default root user.)
  2. Are you trying to access WM using another Admin group user or Users group user?

Because only Admin group user can access everything. Users group users doesn't have full access.

If it is User group user then please create Super user using following steps :

Steps to create Super User :

For Linux,

  1. Open terminal and Go to path “/usr/local/cambium/wm/server/bin”
  2. Enter ./createSuperuser.sh db_user db_password new_user
  • For ex., ./createSuperUser.sh root public test_new

For Windows,

  1. Open cmd and Got to path "<WM installed folder>/Cambium/WM/server/bin"
  2. Enter createSuperuser.bat db_user db_password new_user
  3. Now, you will get a “Congratulations…” message.
  4. test_new user account is created.
  5. The password of super user is always public

After creating super user, login using super user account. This is an Admin user account and you can access everything.

Let us know in case of any query.