Mixing Advantage SM's with Regular SM's

We have a customer using a standard 5.7 SM who’s looking for more bandwidth. Our AP’s are Advantage; all SM’s are standard. the question is: If we put in an Advantage SM for them, how much would this improve their bandwidth? (Currently, there are 15 total users on this AP, so there’d be 14 regular SM’s and one Advantage)

Jim Bremer

technically they should be doubled the throughput (potentially) and half the latency.

As Vince says, they will see double the throughput, but this assumes that they have enough signal level to sustain 2X rate.

P8 SM’s will do 7Mbps aggregate

P9 SM’s will do 7Mbps sustained / 14Mbps aggregate

P9 Advantage SM will do 14Mbps sustained as long as you are a minimum of 10dB above the noise floor. Add in a healthy 6dB of fade margin for a total of 16dB above the noise floor.

Bear in mind, that one customer will be using a large percentage of the AP’s BW, charge accordingly.

Thanks Vince & Jerry-

I was concerned that the Advantage SM wouldn’t perform as well as it should because the AP is still dealing with the standard units. And, don’t worry Jerry, this customer pays well.