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Another un-reply-able post (just adding to my irritation and frustration with this new “forum”…):

Is the new web interface mobile phone friendly?
Steven Oct 07, 2013 11:50PM CDT

For those times when access to a laptop or pc just isn’t convenient or possible.
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CambiumSri Oct 08, 2013 12:04PM CDT

Yes, the new Cambium UI is mobile friendly. It is most optimal when used with mobile devices running Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android Operating Systems.

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Really? Maximum number of answers??

Here’s my answer: No, it is NOT mobile friendly, based on V1.2.3 and Chrome browser on my 5" Android phone. I spend far more time pinch-zooming in and out to transition between ‘readable’ and ‘navigable’ states than I do actually accomplishing anything.

It loads up showing the standard desktop-layout site shrunken down to fit in the top 40% of my phone’s screen. Zoom in enough to read and interact with controls and it keeps automatically altering layout to try to keep ‘important’ parts of the top ‘menu bar’ on-screen, even if that means nothing else is visible.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not holding this against Cambium or the developers of the new WebUI, but I heartily disagree that it is “mobile friendly”. It will load on a phone, and it’s not totally fubared in that environment, but it’s still closer to “Unusable” than “Friendly”.