Modified PMP320 Reset Utility

Hello everyone, 

I'm not sure how many of you out there still have a large install base of PMP320 WiMAX gear, though I'm pretty confident we're not the only ones. If you do have a few kicking around, then I'm sure you're familiar with the annoying fact that the provided reset utility doesn't work with anything newer than XP. Keeping a full Windows XP VM on my small SSD for one program that's less than a megabyte was kind of annoying, plus there's at least one Toughbook kicking around that doesn't like virtualization.

I had the itch for a small project, so I downloaded the PMP320 default utility, decompiled it with ILSpy into a C# project file, fixed some decompiler errors and (Through some trial and error) updated the SharpPcap library to the latest version that won't break the program. After installing the latest WinPcap on my machines, the modified utility will now factory default a PMP320 CPE on Windows 10 64bit! I've also tested Windows 7 x64 and Windows 7 32bit with success. 

Since the hardware and firmware of the PMP320 are no longer updated, I assume it's "safe" to post the modified executable here. But if the moderators feel that I'm breaking any rules, I won't be offended if this post is removed. 

I was not able to attach the EXE directly to this post, so I have uploaded it to my site. I would prefer to have it attached to this post in case my VPS has issues, but this will do for now


For those concerned about downloading a random exe off the internet, here is a VirusTotal result. It shows two matches for heuristic matches from two AVs I've never heard of, but those are likely because the software isn't signed or because it was decompiled. I could post the Visual Studio project file if anyone has their doubts.


Awesome Ben.

While you're right, we are no longer actively developing on this platform, I am sure you're also right that many folks are still using them.  If this utility is useful to prolong the life of the equipment, then kudos to you.


Matt, If a user can decompile and rewrite this program in support of many of your old users, why couldn’t cambium do this? Seems frustrating that even though this platform is “unsupported” it couldn’t have been that difficult for the company to help operators still on 320 gear. The basstard stepchild of the Motorola cambium world

Great work by the way, Ben!

Right on Ben!

Just a side note, if the program doesn’t open for you, make sure you have winpcap installed.