Moisture in SM!!!!

Anybody else seeing moisture in the SM’s?
We’ve got 60 or so up and a third have stopped, working when we look at them we find a LOT of water in them
am i the only one???

Not seen that. Are you certain the water is actually inside the unit? Have you opened one up? If you remove the plastic front shell (8 screws around edge), you’ll see that there’s a rubber gasket that runs entirely around the inside of the unit, about a half-inch in from the edge. And the plastic shell has vent/drain holes all the way around, so it could get water into the groove between the shell and the gasket, but it shouldn’t be able to get inside the unit itself unless it makes it through the ethernet port. (which of course should be pointing downward and sealed with the provided coupler anyway)


yeah i’m sure were hanging it right … we see it in a lot of radios, the 1st thing that happens is the customer complains about there internet going on and off, then it goes out alltogether … when we get the radio down the cat5 connector on the radio and the cat 5 cable looks burnt. what we find is when we remove the cover we find a LOT of water in the unit … UP AROUND THE GASKIT…we’re located in west KY and just had a 12+inch rain event(flooding)… the curcuit board is ok but the RJ45 connector is alwazys fried … it looks like lightning hit it but the unit works great after its replaced … we’re going to try tape around the outside of the unit seal>