Monitoring voltage supplied to BH or APs

Hello all,

We have a pair of BH unit and an AP on three towers - each powered by a wind charger. Occasionally when there’s not enough wind, the batteries run out of juice and the system goes down…

Of course we would like to know ahead of time if this is about to happen. As far as I know there is no way of measuring the voltage supplied to the BH and AP units.

We are purchasing a new charge controller which allows monitoring of various values over serial (we’d probably use a serial-to-ethernet converter unless we find a better solution).

So my main question is - have any of you faced the same problem? Do you have any suggestions? Can you recommend any particular equipment/measuring techniques?



I have considered this company, but have not actually used them:

Thanks Jerry - I had found their products a while ago as well. It looks like their solutions are $250 and up. We would prefer a cheaper solution but it looks like it might be hard to find.

Does anybody else have any recommendations?


Possibly Lantronix They have some serial to Ethernet devices.