Monthly traffic monitoring!

I really need a software to monitor my SM monthly traffic.
I willing to pay $$$. I’m currently using cacti but now I have too many users.

Prizm doesn’t do that. Or i didn’t find a way to do it. If someone wants to show me how to i’ll pay you.

What I need is something very simple:

[u:tihnmb5l]Subscriber Module[/u:tihnmb5l]
download + upload if sum = 8Gb send email to: customer, myself

Easy no?

Thank you.

BAM = "Bandwidth Authentication Manager"

name sound good to you?

Hi Charles,

We have recently delivered very similar solution for one of our customers also using Canopy equipment.
Please check out

The solution covers both fault management and traffic monitoring.

Please note that we are also listed as Canopy network management vendor by Motorola.

If you need more details or any additional information feel free to contact us.

NetMechanica Support

Check out PRTG. Download the Beta Version (supports SNMPv2) to test it on up to 3 nodes. If it works for you, don’t buy anything yet. I am trying to work through a Licensing Key issue as it pertains to the beta version.

We bought Enterprise 500, but the key will not work on the beta version.

I will let you know what I find out.

Licensing issue fixed.

Had to do with installing the key from an RDP session.

So foar works extremely well.