Morad Communications Mayberne Tower Site

Aaron Cherman posted a new video of the equipment on his Mayberne Tower. Feel free to share your thoughts or videos of your equipment on the Community.


This is a great video - was it filmed with a drone?

Yes, this was filmed with a DJI Phantom 3 Pro.

This is a 300' (90m) tower, about 50km North of Edson, Alberta, Canada, owned by Morad Communications Ltd.  This tower is one of 15 that we use to serve Internet and networked 2-way voice to the surrounding industries.  We use 11 GHz PTP800 radios and 5.8 GHz PTP600 radios for redundant connections to our tower sites.  This gives us high availability in various coditions like lightning storms and heavy rain/snow.  We have backup generators at every site - some are diesel, some are propane, all are automatic.