more controle over radios paramters for PMP450 (SM or AP)

Hi everyone.

I'm facing with a bad link quality. I have a PMP450i SM connected to a PMP450i AP.

I want to  set a fixed MCS or a max MCS on this equipment to see the behaviour of the

for the changes in configuration but it seems that PMP450 doesn't support this. 

Any help on how I can set a fixed MCS or something like that?


I think you are correct. I do not think this is supported today.

Also the adaptive modulation algorithm for PMP450 is very good. I have not personally seen a scenario where locking the radio down is needed or desirable.

What is your RSL and SNR for both Downlink and Uplink?

Hello nar6du14, I just wanted to give you a heads up that the upcoming 15.2 release will allow setting of a Max Modulation rate for both uplink and downlink PMP devices. I think this is what you are asking for, correct? Stay tuned to the forums, because we will be releasing 15.2 Beta software soon.