More Out of ePMP 1000 + Force 200?

We're using Force 200s for CPEs and shoot to 120 degree ePMP 1000 sectors and are only able to get decent signals about 5-6mi out. Are there any higher gain alternatives (>25dbi) to the Force 200s? Will the Force 300 provide better signal integrity at these distances?

What are you considering as decent signal? You may want to switch to 90d sectors instead, you will have more punch. We are using f200 for almost every install. including shots up to 16 miles away with 25/2 links no problem at a 65-70pl.

Of course your noise floor, channel width, sector, line of site, all play a part


I'm sorry, actually we do utilize 90 degree sectors on some of our towers. I don't know what I was thinking. The majority of upgrades I've had a heavy hand in utilize 90s, but the money-conscious boss has managed to cut back to 120s (or even omnis...) on some sites.

Is there a connectorized SM available, or is the Force 200 the strongest contender?

For the most part the F200 is the best option. However you can get connectorized 2g 1000 radios to use on 30db dishes

We have like 3 or 4 of those on the network.

Just remember that people with a bad shot to need a 30db will likely pull down your panel. Look at your average MCS for downlink in the AP, ideally you want 15, but you dont really want less than 13 if you are trying to consistantly move more than 30mbps down 

Will a weak signal actually hurt others? One of the ePMP talks on YouTube describes the arbitration algorithm. Each user is assigned at minimum a certain amount of time, not a certain number of bits. So a low MCS user gets lower speed but doesn't take away time from others. This is notably the opposite behavior of UBNT AIrMax, which by design tries to give all users the same speed, and thus slows down the whole AP if there are weak users.

I like this behavior, which I think is characteristic of Cambium PtMP in general.

Hi.  It's kinda both...   YES, ePMP has an awesome air fairness algorithm, and unlike other brands where a couple low signal clients might ruin the performance of the entire sector, ePMP does and excellent job of mitigating that.  Absolutely, Cambium's air fairness arbitration is class leading, and in most cases, will prevent low signal users from affecting other clients.

That being said, there is still only so much air time to go around.  So, if you have everyone as a -55 and everyone is passing data at MCS15, that's simply going to perform so much better and allow so many more clients, than if everyone is a -75.  At a certain point, something has to give and there is only so much air time to go around. :)

In our case, we have definitely noticed if a few bad apples are connected our frame utilization maxes sooner reducing total panel throughput, even if its claimed to not do that.