More than 2 month old spam in idea section under consideration ?

[sarcasm] I really feel like Cambium take those ideas seriously. [/sarcasm]


Spam removed. Thanks!

My advice - just avoid the "Ideas" section.  There are pretty simple suggestions there from as far back as 2014 that are still "under consideration".  I finally became totally disillusioned about that section of the site and don't even go there anymore.  It feels like the place that ideas go to die.


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I agree newkirk, that was more a complain about the lack of serious about the Ideas section.

Hi Joel and Michel,

I can't agree with you regarding your conclusion on Ideas sections.

Most of your Ideas are absolutely brilliant and Ideas branch is list our managers always sync with before new features planning.

I can agree with you that it isn't clearly visible for customers, but I just checked last 10 Hot Ideas and I can confirm that 8 of them are already scheduled for implementation.

Thnak you.

Obviously our opinions are biased because we work here, but I agree with Fedor...

We do try to treat "Ideas" that are posted with importance and thoughtful consideration.  Not all of them are practical to implement, and some take a good amount of time.  However, many of these ideas, especially those that get lots of kudos from other users, rise to the top of the pile, and will get more development consideration and effort than others.

Keep those ideas coming, whether in the regular forums or in the Ideas section!