More than 20 rows of Log - Possible?

Is possibile to set more than 20 rows of logs.

I need almost 100-120 rows to see if a ePMP1000-GpsSync unit lost their GPS signal in the night

With 20 rows I see only all clients ri-registration logs.

Is possible to change the setting with the Firmware 2.6?


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Hi Mirko,

On UI you can see just last 20 rows.

But you can download full System Log any time.

Please find a Download button on Monitor System Log page.

Or you can use 'show syslog' comand in CLI via ssh session.

Thank you.


You can also set a syslog server in your network and configure the AP to send syslogs entries to that server from the Configuration->System page, under System Logging. Just specify the IP address where the syslog server resides and the device should forward syslog entries to the server.

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Hi Mirko,

You can also use CNS server software tool which help us to monitor and manage ePMP radios.  It will also, logs the events. You can download the CNS server software and its guide from the below link. 


Vijay Gnanamurtthi.

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