More users on CN Maestro On-premise?

How can we upgrade to more than 10 users? 

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I hope this request is for number of logins using NOC server. If yes, it is limited to 10 users for now. 

any plans of upping that number? with 16 support reps we need more users.. 

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We set up Active Directory authentication to get more users. I believe it's the local users that is only limited to 10. So if you can get external authentication working, you can get around it.

Auth would work.

We just setup a new cmaestro VM and are now using our radius server to authenticate staff into cnmaestro.
It was a bit finicky to get working as we are using this same radius server to authenticate subscriber modules with eap-ttls and all of our techs login to network devices using the same radius based authentication. Our main problem was some staff need access to network devices with user level 15 but on an AP or SM, this would return an error and not work. Same with cnmaestro, there are too many userlevels to make it work properly. So we decided to append a small device type code to usernames that made it simple to setup user attributes for that specific role.
Downside is that a single user has 12 accounts in the system, but at least they show up in a single block.

Hi ,

Starting from the next cnMaestro 2.3.0 release for on premises the number of users will be increased to 100 . 



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