Most popular throughput offering

What is the most popular throughput offering for residential customers? Is it the lowest price? What are most subscribers interested in buying when they first contact you?

Most of my customers have 4 Mbps/1 Mbps for $32.00/month. Yes, that is our lowest plan.


Would like to hear from other WISPs. Do the majority of your cusotmers take the lowest cost service level?

We offer 4/1 service everywhere we can reach, 10/2 where we have the ability to reliably provision it. (and several one-off situations provisioned higher, mostly businesses and what-not requiring 5-10Mbps uplink for cameras/NVRs)  Most customers opt for 4/1 based on cost.  For the 4/1 service we guarantee at least 1.5Mbps downlink speeds, provisioned for 4096Kbps max.  New base service customers pay $60/month, (embarrassing, IMHO) some are still in old contracts at $40.


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